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Wayne W. Kollas, Inc. provides comprehensive business continuation planning services and consults on the development and management of executive benefits programs.

Business continuation planning
Business continuation planning assures business continuity and family security for businesses in the event of the retirement, death or disability of an owner. By mapping the process and planning for the execution and funding of the plan ahead of time, you know that the business you created will continue to provide for your family, employees and other stakeholders. We also include key employee and business continuation insurance with this broad category of services. If you are interested in more details please visit our Business Continuation Page

banking Services Programs
Wayne W. Kollas, Inc. offers a variety of specialized compensation programs and retirement plans for members of the banking industry. These programs provide innovative solutions to bank executive, director and employee compensation challenges. To learn more, please visit our Bank Programs section.

executive benefits programs
The other broad area we work with is executive benefits. In our competitive business environment, finding and retaining critical talent can mean the difference between success and failure. We can help you identify and implement creative solutions to your executive management strategy. For more information visit our Executive Benefits section.

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