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Wayne Kollas and his staff regularly provide consultative services to Attorneys, CPAs, Trust Officers and other professionals in the areas of business continuation, executive benefits, complex estate planning and insurance.

We know it is critical for you as a professional to maintain control of your client relationships. It is also probable that you will at some time need to deal with technical issues requiring specific technical expertise. Do you have the expertise in-house? If not where do you turn? Do you risk establishing a relationship between your client and a potential competitor? Will a "non-competitive" subcontractor find it in their interest to try and peel off a piece of your business for themselves? Should you just go it alone and hope you have enough information to make the right recommendations?

At Wayne W. Kollas, Inc. you are our client. We are experienced in working behind the scenes providing you with the research, analysis and insights you need to meet your client's needs. Our approach can protect your client relationships, enhance your billable services and assure that your advice to your clients is solidly grounded.

Resources for Professionals

We're added the resources listed below because we thought they might be useful to individuals with a professional interest in business continuation, executive benefits, retirement planning, estate planning or insurance. Unless noted, these resources are published on the Internet by parties other than Wayne W. Kollas, Inc. We offer no guarantee of the accuracy, completeness or suitability of any of this material.

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Please feel free to phone us at (888) 575-5445 or e-mail info@wwkinc.com. We would be happy to discuss your needs and how we may be able to assist you.
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